How far would you go to keep your love alive? That’s the driving question behind Girlfiend, the new graphic novel from the Portland-based Pander Brothers. It’s the story of Karina, a bright-eyed young vampire in the big city of Seattle who falls for Nick, a mere mortal. Though the odds — and the forces of nature — are against them, Karina and Nick fight to stay together, encountering plenty of obstacles along the way.

"How far would you go to keep your love alive? This is the central question of Girlfiend. Love can be blind but relationships are work. Especially one that requires feeding your vampire girlfriend on a regular basis. For everyone who has had a love that feels like an unstoppable freight train, there seems like no end to where you might go to ensure the love of your life remains content. But this unconditional state of mind can be a slippery slope when the going gets rough and you find yourself asking, "Wait, how did I get here? 

Jacob and I originally wrote Girlfiend as a screenplay, and were drawn to explore the vampire genre as a contemporary romantic crime thriller. Stripping away the gothic iconography and embracing the raw grit of city life, our vampire story of love against the odds unfolds in a noir landscape where a mortal is faced with the dilemma of carrying on a "normal" relationship with an adorable blood-sucking predator. 

Girlfiend is an analogy for when love takes hold and irrational impulses awaken. Is it possible to have a vampire girlfriend without letting go of your own moral compass? Love has a funny way of leading one into uncharted territory and in the case of Nick and Karina, both embrace the chaos that comes with their unlikely pairing that ultimately tests the boundaries of their love.

Karina and Nick are dealing with the cards that life has dealt them. Fate brought them together - two people from opposite sides of the track whose chemical attraction ignites passion from deep within and invites confrontation from everyone outside their intimate world. Theirs is a pure and righteous love, that is beautiful and intolerable, enviable and unsustainable, perfect and impossible. 

We usually know when we are embarking on a journey into the alluring realm of romance that it may be a risky detour from the path of reason, but sometimes when you get onboard that freight train called love, there is no looking back. "

 - Arnold Pander